Seller Guide - FAQ

What are the steps to listing a property?

Use the Contact page. Send me a description and photos. Tell me if you need a valuation or if the property already listed for sale and at what price. I will respond and we can decide whether to move forward with a viewing. Should I view it, we sign a formal mandate and agree the price. I will start promotion for the sale.

What is a formal mandate and why do we need one?

This is our agreement outlining all aspects of the property and its promotion. It is essential to have on file and allows me to advertise on the Internet. It also makes you aware of my duties and services and your rights of privacy. I use a standard form from F.I.M.A.A. and we can decide together our terms of business and whether the mandate is exclusive or non exclusive.

Seller Costs to Italian Home Search?

It is a standard commission of 3% of the agreed final sales price plus IVA which is 22% of the invoice. This becomes due at the time of signing a preliminary contract when the Seller earns a down payment deposit of at least 15%. This way a Seller is never out of pocket. It is my duty to follow the transaction up to the final deed of sale. All promotion and related expenses are free of charge.

What Documents are needed for a sale?

Assuming the property is classified as habitable and not a ruin to be restored, the Seller must provide documents that render proof of the saleability, habitablity and legal conformity of the property. These should be given to the Agent at the time of signing a mandate if available.

  • APE - Energy Certificate
    This certificate must be available to the buyer and the real estate agent PRIOR to the promotion of the sale.
  • Habitation Certificate - Certificato di L'Agibilit√†
    If a Seller already has this certificate, then there is everything needed with respect to the proper documentation in the Comune. If not, a Seller should advise with a Geometra regarding its necessity and associated cost.
  • Planimetrie
    These are the Floorplans and must reflect the actual layout/configuration of the property and be registered in the Cadastral Office.
  • Atto di Provenienza
    This is a copy of the deed of sale proving ownership of the property. This should be already held by a Seller and the Notaio that was used in the transaction.

Doesn't the Buyer pay all purchase costs and taxes of a transaction?

Yes. The Seller pays only an agent commission, potential geometra fees for providing the above documents. All back taxes and if applicable, condominium fees, a Seller's outstanding mortgage debt, other debts must be paid by the Seller if owed.

Is there Capital Gains tax on selling a home in Italy?

In the peninsula no capital gain tax is due if the property you sell was purchased more than 5 year prior to the sale.

In any case I strongly recommend you to check carefully the taxes you have to pay and their exact amount.